Improving our Community by Creating Good Jobs.

Jobs Videos

In light of escalating competition for jobs, it is extremely important for all communities, including Fort Collins, to make job creation a top community priority. The short videos below give a quick and compelling overview of the competition for jobs and how our community can keep and attract new ones.

The Case for Jobs. A massive global ‘jobs war’ is underway and heating up. All communities will need to bring their ‘A’ game to remain economically viable. (1:34)

What is Economic Development? A deliberate set of policies and actions can help communities influence private investment in the community that results in increased income and job opportunities for residents. (2:08)

Benefits of Economic Development. The benefits are many, including attracting new jobs, retaining existing jobs, increased and stable tax base, economic diversification, community and personal self-sufficiency, appropriate use of land, enhanced quality of life, improved standard of living, and community pride and reputation. (3:45)

Community Development versus Economic Development. For a community to be vibrant and livable, it must make a concerted effort to work on both community development and economic development. They are interdependent and reinforce each other. (1:38)

What are Primary Jobs and Why Do They Matter? Base jobs, or what are sometimes called primary jobs, are the key to a community’s economic vitality. Such jobs pay significantly higher wages than the average job. They underpin the health of the entire economy. (2:27)

Why Base Employers Choose a Location. Base employers have many options relative to where they can be located. There are many factors that influence their decisions. (1:59)

The Downsides of Economic Decline.  The alternative to economic growth is decline. Like the dynamic, living organisms they are, communities are either getting better or they are in decline. (2:55)

Local Government Can Help or Hurt Job Creation. City government can play a very important role in creating high quality jobs for its citizens. (3:29)

Why Communities Need to Focus on Job Creation. Actions the community can take to keep and attract good-paying jobs. (1:27)